There is no more funding. The DWP have no funds left available due to cut backs. Our work is so important in supporting young people to get back on their own two feet. any donation amount us to continue. Thank you

There is no funding available. We need your support. gofilm academy is a small set up but has delivered huge success in training and supporting young people back into work. Without your help gofilm academy will soon have to close its doors. All donations are champions and will receive regular, news, updates, stories from young people, and invites to special screenings of their work.


Gofilm academy is committed to training, supporting and mentoring young people in film and media. Offering opportunities, skills and personal development for those that are marginalized and from disadvantaged backgrounds. Gofilmit, our sister organisation operates as a non-profit organisation producing business commercials. Any extra monies accrued from this is automatically re-invested into gofilm academy to develop long term training programmes for young people. Check out www.gofilmit.co.uk for information about supporting our work and how we produce professional video commercials for a variety of businesses.










A donation of £10.00 will give a young person a one-one session for an hour, helping with applications, CV's and developing their portfolio.



When you give £20.00, two young people can receive a one hour refresher session on their technical skills and knowledge.



A gift of £50.00 will help us seek out opportunities, apprenticeships and trainee positions for ex-students and continue building relationships with agencies.



The input of £100.00 will allow us to do group sessions with a minium of 4 young people learning camera operating and lighting skills.



With a massive input of £250 we can offer support to several young people for a week, providing one-one sessions, skills and personal development, and support with job opportunities.